Become A Benefit Corporation!

B Corp certification is a quick way to show the world that a company is a force for social good. There are 5 areas they measure to determines that: Business model, treatment of workforce, environmental impact, governance, and community impact. I provide low cost support in helping your company navigation certification or plan for a future transition.

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B Corp certification is a good way to quickly know what a company is about. It’s like USDA Organic, but not watered down. As a social entrepreneur I don’t yet have the income for certification, but B Corps 5 pillars provide an excellent framework to help transform my values into action.

Sean Foust

Want to learn more about B Corps?

Check out their official site. For new entrepreneurs they provide a great framework for bringing your do-good ideas into action.

Want to book a session?

Get in touch and we’ll make it happen! I’m not affiliated with B Lab certification but I’ve been through the process and would love to help you navigate it.