Transition your Business IT to G Suite

Google Business Suite is $5/user and free for nonprofits. For some organizations, it can completely replace the standard Windows / Office 360 local network setup. In tandem with moving to Chromebooks / Chrome desktops and after a small learning curve -- productivity will increase, teamwork will become more seamless and IT costs will drop.

Laptop and tablet on desk
Laptop and tablet on desk
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G Suite is a powerful service, suited for alomst any organization. With the ability to replace Office 360, plugin to 3rd party apps for tasks like payroll and project tracking, while utilizing gmail for business domain email, G Suite is a cost saving productivity boosting powerhouse.

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Deeper Collaboration

Work from anywhere, live edit documents with team members, never have to worry about losing documents or work not saving. Utilize powerful search features and even assign tasks in a document to team members.

Increased Productivity

Your digital work will load faster, integrate with powerful tools, be more usable and accessible. Your non-technical team members will have an easier time with the built-in learning tools, thoughtful user experience design and intuitive interface.

Lower Ongoing Costs

Gradually or swiftly replacing your office computers with Chrome desktops and Chromebooks will drastically reduce your ongoing costs. Often times, these high-value computers are much faster then what organizations had previously used!

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