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Anti-Oppression in Business IT

Anti-Oppression In Business IT

Written by: Sean Foust on July 23, 2017

So let’s think about the traditional IT stack- MS Office, Windows, local networks, and local software. As I researched why these tools have such dominance, it becomes clear that it’s because people are very accustomed to using them, not because they are the most effective. There is a better solution which has the added benefit of increased anti-oppression within an organization.

Simbi: Digital Time Trading

Simbi: Digital Time Trading

Written by: Sam Foust on July 4, 2017

Time trading is an exchange of services for services. Simbi — a startup who went through the tech accelerator Y Combinator — raised enough capital to build a digital platform to connect a community to do just this. Simbi’s founded by KJ Erickson and funded by Venture Capitalists who believe in their mission. In traditional tech startup fashion, they currently have no revenue streams, but are likely focusing on user acquisition, engagement, and retention. They seem to be doing well. A Tech Crunch article from a year ago claimed 15,000 services and they now boast 65,000.