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One Day Website

That’s me right now, the sleepy cat with ambiguous emotions. I’ve spent today building this whole site, as you see it, however I’ve added quite a bit of content since the build.

I’ve been chewing on the idea of how to offer sliding scale work to small organizations on a budget, and I’ve been thinking through how I can improve processes, communication, client expectations and avoid roadblocks in work, among other things.

The concept is to build a website in a single day, with 1-4 team members, and as a way to donate work to nonprofits. The client would be briefed on the approach, given a portal with guides around setting key objectives, features, content, and photography. We would then review the work, get on the same page with a template design and sprint through the entire build in one day.

By far the hardest part was getting content together, which I realize will help us emphasis and understand the need of all content to be in place before we get to work.

Phew. Take care out there!

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